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Clara Town and Soniwein


Kick for Your Future!



Soniwein and Clara Town are highly affected by the the spreading of the Ebola-Virus!

News from Liberia – Our Partner Barbara L. Ketter reports on the current situation in Libera and explains the consequences for the country and our project “Kick For Your Future”.

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Oju projects his new life


By starting an apprenticeship to become a tailor Oju from Monrovia moves towards a prosperous future. This and other success stories in the Project Report Spring 2013.


Seize the moment!
Beatrice Tarr

Beatrice Tarron reports on how “Kick for Your Future” made her feeling more self-confident and what this meant for her future.
In English: Seize the moment, by Beatrice Tarron


Plastic Recycling


Liberia, Monrovia

Kick for Your Future!

Perspectives in the slums of Monrovia






Liberia, the country of the liberated slaves, is still struggling for liberty and democracy. The country is only very slowly recovering from the 14-year-long civil war (1989-2003). Two thirds of the about 3.9 million Liberians still earn less than 1 Dollar a day and live in huts, frequently without electricity, clean water or sanitation. The unemployment rate is at 85%.

Professional training and meaningful pastime activities
Since 2008 Cooperaxion has been supporting YOCADS (, a Liberian development organisation, in their attempt to give youth in the slums of Monrovia new local perspectives. Through a football programme and cultural activities YOCADS has set up a grass-roots apprenticeship programme and created structures for meaningful pastime activities for the youth in Monrovia’s two most poverty-stricken boroughs, Soniwein (pop. 29,000) and Clara Town (pop. 75,000). Thanks to apprenticeships in local companies, e.g. as carpenter, mechanic or hairdresser, the youth create new perspectives for the local labour market. Some of the 130 graduates (as of autumn 2012) are now being supported in their further path towards independence. Apart from that, workshops on peace consolidation, reducing teenage pregnancies and on HIV/Aids give the youth support in crucial moments of their lives.

Thanks to regular waste collections in the neighbourhoods and recycling stations, Kick for Your Future! has a positive impact on the environment and the health of all the slum inhabitants.

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Video: Kick for Your Future!

Perspectives for the youth of Monrovia


Video: Youth Against Ebola

Our Partner the Liberian NGO YOCADS created a video to illustrate their Anti-Ebola-Awareness-Campaign!



Plastic Recycling Project

Re- use and sensitization

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Since summer 2013, Cooperaxion and the Green Center of James Mulbah, who so far collected and reused glass, used oil, scrap metal and aluminum, are in the planning of a project for the collection and recycling of the plastic waste lying around everywhere. Several first test collection campaigns have already been conducted, contacts with potential customers are established, and a dedicated local team is ready to face the challenges imposed by plastic. The “Plastic Recycling Project – Monrovia” gives the omnipresent plastic waste in the slums a value and thus contributes not only to a cleaner environment but generates also a source of income for the community inhabitants.

More information in our Plastic Recycling Project Proposal 2014