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Justice for Vergel!

On December 24, a good friend, Human Rights de-fender and peasant Izídio Antonio Pereira da Silva was found dead. His family found him near his house in Vergel 31 miles far from Codó in Maranhão where Cooperaxion develops three of its projects. Leis was the seventh victim from a series of murdering caused by a land conflict that started in the 80s.


His body was found in an advanced state of decomposition and his family buried him. Despite signs of violence in the place where the corps was found the police of Codó has neither established an inquiry, neither has registered his death. In addition there is no forecast for exhumation of his body!

We can’t continue to stand back on the death of another peasant. For this reason we beg you to sign this petition. 

The original text of the petition is in Portuguese. Here you find it’s translation in English

Thank you all!


Stop Poverty 2015

Our liberian recycling project won the prize « Project of the year » from Stop Armut. Thank you very much!

StopArmut Preis Urkunde



Cooperative Action!

Cooperaxion is committed to sustainable development and intercultural exchange along the old transatlantic slave trade routes.


What we want

We are certain that development cooperation always goes with a deeper understanding of the past and an awareness of existing correlations. Thus Cooperaxion is on one side interested in the history of Switzerland and its role in the triangular trade and contributes on the other side to a socioeconomic development, environmental protection and capacity building in countries along the old slave trade routes, more precisely Liberia and Brazil. At the same time Cooperaxion facilitates communication and encourages intercultural exchange between Switzerland and partners in the south – For new perspectives along old routes.


Guided Tours: “Obscure Businesses”

Neuchâtel and its role in the transatlantic slave trade of the 17th-19th century. Many traces of this shady business are to be found in the picturesque old town of Neuchâtel. Splendid mansions, places, and ecen public institutions such as the first library all bear witness to the success of the internationally active merchant families of Neuchâtel. Our guests discover the most important stations of this triangulat trade while enjoying the beautiful old town of Neuchâtel.

Guided Tours: CHF 25.- per Person
Registration on Facebook,, +41 (0)31 535 12 62

Charles de Meuron mit seinen Sklaven Vendredi und Pedro

Cooperaxion: New horizons on old routes

Cooperaxion in interested in the history of Switzerland and its role in the triangular trade. We are committed to new perspectives along the old transatlantic slave trade routes.
The Swiss Confederation was not a colonial power, but still part of the European network connecting the financial and trade relations of the 16th and 19th centuries. Swiss businessmen were also involved in the transatlantic slave trade and profited tremendously from it. The data bank on slave trade gives insights on protagonists and activities.

Liberia: Kick for Your Future!

Youth from the slums of Monrovia receive economic and social perspectives through professional training, football, acrobatic and waste management. Additionally, workshops on peace consolidation, reducing teen pregnancies and HIV/Aids, provide background and support.
Find out more about our youth project in Liberia.

Brazil – Babaçu a nut full of potential

A local development project in the north-east of Brazil strengthens the position of the descendants of African slaves, the Quilombolas. The traditional craft of processing Babaçu nuts encourages self-sufficiency and protects natural resources.
You will find the project description and pictures here.