Cooperative Action!

Cooperaxion is committed to sustainable development and intercultural exchange along the old transatlantic slave trade routes.


What we want

We are certain that development cooperation always goes with a deeper understanding of the past and an awareness of existing correlations. Thus Cooperaxion is on one side interested in the history of Switzerland and its role in the triangular trade and contributes on the other side to a socioeconomic development, environmental protection and capacity building in countries along the old slave trade routes, more precisely Liberia and Brazil. At the same time Cooperaxion facilitates communication and encourages intercultural exchange between Switzerland and partners in the south – For new perspectives along old routes.


Guided Tours: “Obscure Businesses”

Neuchâtel and its role in the transatlantic slave trade of the 17th-19th century. Many traces of this shady business are to be found in the picturesque old town of Neuchâtel. Splendid mansions, places, and ecen public institutions such as the first library all bear witness to the success of the internationally active merchant families of Neuchâtel. Our guests discover the most important stations of this triangulat trade while enjoying the beautiful old town of Neuchâtel.

Guided Tours: CHF 25.- per Person
Registration on Facebook,, +41 (0)31 535 12 62

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